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The D9 team exceeded the set objectives

The State Treasury’s D9 Digital Team completed nearly 100 assignments in the course of two years. For example, the team launched design sprints in the central government and used service design method...

D9 Digital Team designed tools for management by objectives

With the Ministry of Finance’s Public Sector ICT Department needing to renew its management, one of the methods utilised to generate ideas was service design. Service design provided new perspectives,...

The operation of the State Treasury’s Support for Digitalisation unit to come to a conclusion at the end of this year

Support for Digitalisation, or D9, has been receiving funding as one of the Government’s key projects, but at the end of this year its operation will be discontinued, in accordance with the original p...

Anni Leppänen's blog: Driving service design and experimentation in Finnish government

Digital transformation in the government is about a holistic change in the practices and culture of designing and building services and processes in the public sector. This is our core mission at D9. ...

External evaluation on the D9 Digital Team operation was completed

“Working with the D9 team was seamless and easy. It was excellent to have such an IN-HOUSE unit dealing with concrete cases and helping us out.”

Blockchain Technology Network considers distributed identity management

At the start of November, the Blockchain Technology Network gathered in Helsinki to study blockchain-powered distributed identity management solutions.

Accessibility in digital services can be achieved through cooperation

When online services are updated, it would be essential to cooperate with experts of organisations for the disabled on issues of accessibility already at the early stages, says Jaakko Evonen of the Fi...

The work of the public administration's blockchain technology network continues − moving towards concrete actions

The public administration's blockchain technology network continued its cross-organisational collaboration on blockchain technology at the beginning of September. To help create a culture of experimen...

D9 Team takes part in development of development talks model

Valtiokonttori on alkanut kehittää valtion yhteistä kehityskeskustelumallia. D9-digitiimi on mukana työssä.

Network for the development of blockchain technology utilisation established

The State Treasury's D9 Team and the Ministry of Finance are launching a network the purpose of which will be to improve the public administration's knowledge of blockchain technology, help in underst...