D9 Digital Team designed tools for management by objectives

Published 2018-09-03 at 14:32

With the Ministry of Finance’s Public Sector ICT Department needing to renew its management, one of the methods utilised to generate ideas was service design. Service design provided new perspectives, concrete improvement proposals for deploying objectives and tools for supporting management by objectives.

 By way of analysis, D9’s service designers Maria Leinvuo and Anna-Mia Myllykangas created three visual models for supporting management by objectives:

Tavoitetaulukko1. New objective process and guidelines for implementing it.

2. Integrating objectives into everyday operations by way of improving teamwork and the monitoring of the realisation of objectives, for example. 

3. Employee profiles for supporting the formation of effective teams and helping supervisors and employees in development reviews.

The project involved interviews and the organisation of two workshops.

“At the general level, we learned a great deal about managing an expert organisation and about the strategic work conducted within the central government. This is quite a rare opportunity for a service designer. We consider it important that the working community’s internal processes and operating model is consistent for everyone, and noticed that a visualised process helps create dialogue and facilitates development,” say service designers Maria Leinvuo and Anna-Mia Myllykangas.

Director of the unit Maria Nikkilä found that the observations made by D9 supported her own observations on how management should be developed.


“For example, forming teams around objectives and assigning responsibility for objectives in a project-like manner were new models for management. We are about to start the implementation of a lean operating model, which will align well with the thoughts presented by D9. Now that we have service designed our management, the next step is to turn management into a service,” says Maria Nikkilä.

The proposals made by D9 will now be discussed in the unit meetings of the Public Sector ICT Department’s units and then in the department’s management group.