D9 Team takes part in development of development talks model

Published 2017-06-09 at 10:51

The State Treasury have initiated the development of the government's shared development talks model. The objective is to create a modern development talks model made up of modules that will be completed sometime in 2017. The objective is a flexible model that meets the needs of agencies, supervisors and employees. The aim of the model is to ensure that development talks are held when they are needed instead of once a year. The topics of these topics could be chosen by the supervisor and employee. There is also an effort to change the nature of development talks, so they resemble coaching, sparring and possible long-term career planning. Development talks could include group and peer discussions.

A total of 20-30 government agency representatives are taking part in developing the new development talk model. Additionally, during the work, the team will hear the opinions and wishes of agency supervisors and employees to ensure that the model meets their needs. During the spring, numerous workshops will be organised where in addition to government agency representatives, the D9 Team's service designer and Työ 2.0 experts will be present.