Principles of digitalisation

The principles of digitalisation act as the common rules for digitalisation throughout all of public administration. These will allow public services to become user-friendly and primarily digital to enable a leap in productivity. We cannot choose change, it will happen whether we like it or not. We can choose whether we implement reforms in a controlled and systematic manner and anticipate what is to come, or whether we remain adrift and get swept along by the current.

Principles of digitalisation:

  • We develop services that are customer-oriented.
  • We eliminate unnecessary visits and contact.
  • We build user-friendly and safe services.
  • We produce benefits for our customers quickly.
  • We also provide services during disruptions.
  • We only ask for new information once.
  • We utilise existing public and private electronic services.
  • We open up data and interfaces to corporations and citizens
  • We appoint an owner for a service and its implementation.

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