The D9 team exceeded the set objectives

Published 2018-12-18 at 8:28

The State Treasury’s D9 Digital Team completed nearly 100 assignments in the course of two years. For example, the team launched design sprints in the central government and used service design methods to solve complex social problems for the production of background material for the next Government Programme.

The D9 Digital Team was established to support the customer-oriented digital change in central government. The objective of the team was to provide the agencies with practical assistance in the building of customer-oriented, easy-to-use inter-administrative public digital services.

“Getting straight on in the project work has been a good and functional way of working, and as a service designer, it has been great to be able to develop the concepts and services of central government,” says Service Designer Laura Järveläinen.

According to the customers of the D9 Team, the fact that the team was a neutral and reliable operator within the Government was a clear strength of the team. The operating principle of the team was to be an agile task force which provides support for central government digitalisation projects, both on a strategic as well as on an operational level.

“I believe that the actual results of the work will be visible later, in the long term, as modernisation of the administration,” says Chief Enterprise Architect Janne Pulkkinen.

According to Director General of the State Treasury Timo Laitinen, the work of the team has received a warm welcome all over the central government.

“The external evaluation has also confirmed that the team and its work were good and gave good results,” Laitinen says.

The final report describes the assignments of the team as well as its customer-oriented working method. For example, the scorecards of the customer projects provide an outline of the challenges, working methods, solutions and recommendations of the team at a glance.

Support for digitalisation continues in the Population Register Centre

In order to support the digital sprint of the public administration, the Population Register Centre will establish a new service in January 2019, based on a D9 experiment. The objective of the new service is to root customer-oriented development as a permanent part of central government operations.