The operation of the State Treasury’s Support for Digitalisation unit to come to a conclusion at the end of this year

Published 2018-08-22 at 12:51

Support for Digitalisation, or D9, has been receiving funding as one of the Government’s key projects, but at the end of this year its operation will be discontinued, in accordance with the original plan.

During its term of office, the D9’s digital team has completed nearly 50 assignments for various ministries and agencies.

‘Naturally, we will finish all of our current assignments, but unfortunately we can no longer accept any new ones. At this point, we would like to thank our clients, as it has been wonderful to work with them in all of these fascinating and diverse development projects,’ says Chief Digital Officer Nina Nissilä.

The digital team has received an abundance of positive feedback from its clients regarding its highly knowledgeable team members and the valuable work they have conducted.

The digital developers, who have been working on fixed-term employment contracts, will become available at the turn of the year for new projects. If you would like to utilise some of their expertise, please contact either the person in question or team leader Nina Nissilä (