The work of the public administration's blockchain technology network continues − moving towards concrete actions

Published 2017-09-25 at 14:55

The public administration's blockchain technology network continued its cross-organisational collaboration on blockchain technology at the beginning of September. To help create a culture of experimentation and the best possible platform for these experiments, the activities of the network have taken the first steps towards concrete actions.

The meeting featured a demonstration on the installation of a blockchain-based experimental platform, a payroll demo that featured one person's employment contract as a smart contract in an Ethereum blockchain, as well as an example of how their salary and salary-related expenses can be paid. 

The network’s progress report also included a discussion on how the Ministry of Traffic and Communications’ blockchain can be implemented in practice as well as its effects on traffic and communications. A survey that was published by the Ministry of Traffic and Communications highlighted general and especially potential application areas for blockchain technologies in the fields of traffic and communications. The survey also assessed the blockchain's effects on regulations, companies, citizens, as well as the environment and technology.

An especially interesting piece of news for the network was a project that had come up during a meeting of the National Land Survey of Finland's Electronic Housing Company Share Register Project (ASREK). The project in question is evaluating the suitability of blockchains for digital real estate transactions. The project has successfully implemented a proof-of-concept level system for ownership transactions on an R3 Corda blockchain. More detailed information on the results of the project will be presented in the next meetings of the blockchain technology network during the autumn.

In addition, the network received more information on ISO standardisation and especially on the ISO TC 307 standardisation work, which involves several different work groups. The meeting also featured a discussion on the Trustnet project and information on the key blockchain-related goings-on of the European Parliament.

After the progress report, a representative from the Bank of Finland presented the concepts, terms and key questions that have been presented to the Bank on cryptocurrencies and digital central bank currencies. 

The goal of the network is to develop the public administration's knowledge of blockchain technologies, help understand the possibilities presented by blockchain technologies and to bring together the experts who work with in the field.

The next meeting of the blockchain technology network will be held on 1 November.

Further information:

Chief Enterprise Architect Janne Pulkkinen, janne.pulkkinen (at)
Development Manager Kimmo Mäkinen, kimmo.makinen (at)